We are all born of fire and made up of it. Fire brings warmth and comfort to our homes, such as through the heat of a fire, the aroma of cooking food, or the meal waiting for us after a long day of challenges and contradictions. While a plate of hot food, like wata fufu and eru or roasted peanuts and freshly baked bread, may not solve everything, it at least provides sustenance and makes the world seem a little brighter. Ideally, this meal is not enjoyed alone, but shared with loved ones such as a mother, sister, daughter or friend, allowing us to nourish both our bodies and our relationships.

Casa Mbixi / In the search of home is an investigative process materialised as an immersive installation designed to be experienced and enjoyed. The artist uses a variety of objects including prints, textiles, books, and personal items to transport visitors to her unique universe where themes of Afro-descendence, ancestrality, and self-representation take center stage. The installation is flexible and adaptable, growing and changing with each new object and story added to it. This intimate space is perfect for gathering and sharing and is activated through the hosting of dinners.

Images by me from the first installation of Casa Mbixi @ Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica, as part of the exhibition Dozing on the Accidental Provocation

Three activations of the space were made during the period of the exhibition:

- 20/10/2022 Identities: How do we build home when we feel far from our home?

- 11/11/2022 Care: Who sustains our lives?

- 02/12/2022 Housing: Are there other ways of understanding, living and reclaiming home?