This performance was showcased as part of the artist's exhibition, 'Beta a kale fo ma on mapane', at Tangent Projects and later at Centre d'Arts Santa Mònica during the dismantling of the show Dozing on the Accidental Provocation.

Essonti must nyongo references the infamous phrase "Ghana must go," used in Ghana and Nigeria in 1983 during a forced deportation of Ghanaian citizens. The artist, revisits this historical event by inspecting and organizing the surrounding objects as if they were part of her own survival kit. These items, which include spices from ancestral cuisine, gari, shea butter, wax cloth, CFA franc bills, guava leaves, samara sandals, Maggi cubes, etc, all hold personal significance. The artist highlights the need for such a survival kit to navigate the world, particularly the art world, as a Black person in the diaspora.

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